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Post from: January 2016

TEAMWorks China - January 13-15, 2016

  • Jan 15, 2016

The week in pictures and two great highlights to share!

The first exciting moment was when Cindy was able to teach sign language to a little fella and he picked up on the signs in less than 10 minutes!  His parents were beaming and CIndy was able to see him several more times this week!  Such a special moment to help a child with the gift of communication!

The second story starts when the group was in China in September.  Cindy traced a little one's foot for shoes and braces.  Between that trip and this one, the tracing was lost.  Cindy guessed as to how big his foot was and Lori picked several shoes/brace options to bring on this trip from the guess on size!  The first one that Lori pulled out of the box at home to bring on the trip fit the little boy's foot like they were custom made for him!  Such a special reminder of how God takes care of even the littlest details, including a perfect fit shoe/brace that traveled from Northwest Arkansas all the way to China...on a guess...and was a perfect fit!  

Please keep Cindy and Lori in your prayers as they finish strong and make their way back home! Prayers for continued energy, safety and health are appreciated!  

TEAMWorks China - Tuesday, January 12, 2016

  • Jan 13, 2016

We are excited to share that Cindy and Lori are serving in China this week at Dr. Lin's clinic.  They will be providing follow-up care to current patients and providing evaluations and assessments to new patients at the clinic.  We are thankful to continue to work alongside the staff at the China clinic.  Please keep the gals in your prayers this week as they love and serve our friends on the other side of the world!