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TEAMWorks Ukraine :: A Way to Help From Home!


Due to unrest, TEAMworks has not been able to travel back to our home country, Ukraine.  While this saddens us greatly, and we miss Ukraine terribly, TEAMworks has an amazing opportunity to positively impact special needs families in Ukraine once more. 

TEAMworks would like to send some much needed supplies to a therapy clinic in Ukraine. A volunteer American physical therapist, Carrie Moss, who works hand-in-hand with a Ukrainian physical therapy assistant to provide care to many in need.  

TEAMworks is honored and blessed to be a part of their endeavor, and our hearts are filled with joy to know that we can continue to do something even while we are not traveling to Ukraine.  

Please, continue to pray for Ukraine and please consider making a donation.  We hope to raise $465 to ship various sized orthotics, therapeutic strapping, therapy toys, and balance aids. Click Here to make an online donation. 

If you would like to make a donation by check, please send it to the address below:

c/o Children’s Therapy T.E.A.M.
2474 E. Joyce Blvd., STE 2
Fayetteville, AR 72703

Make checks payable to TEAMworks and note in the memo your desire to help fund Ukraine!

TEAMworks Ukraine- Friday July 12th

Today was the last day at our home base orphanage. We began the day meeting with parents and children that will be attending the newly opened rehabilitation center.  Not only was it beneficial to speak with the parents, it was encouraging to see the orphanage therapists engaged in the sessions, taking notes and sitting on the mats with us.  There was an equal balance of concerns for each discipline to address, so it was a very busy mroning with the individual children.

TEAMWorks Ukraine - Thursday, July 11th!

Today can be described as a whirlwind. We started out the morning at our home base orphanage where we were warmly greeted with smiles and hugs.  We toured the newly opened rehab centered associated with the orphanage.  The director was so excited to show us around. As we toured, he asked for brainstorming on ways to better set up the space for best function for the children. 

TEAMWorks Ukraine - Wednesday, July 10th!

TEAMWorks Ukraine - Wednesday, July 10th!

We have made an agenda each morning before arriving at the orphanage and today, as every other day, The Lord had other plans and we followed where we were led.  Even though our day went differently then we planned, it was filled with wonderful moments, rapport building, and sharing of treatment ideas.

In the morning we were able to meet with director to express our gratitude. The director was equally as thankful for our time spent there and the many trips we have been able to make in the past.  He acknowledged growth in his staff and children and attributed lots of that growth to our presence. 

Next we met again with the therapists and doctors to present them with a small gift of appreciation.  This turned into a question and answer session as well as a treatment idea sharing time.  Even though we did not see children this morning, we felt the time was so effective as we were able to reemphasize the importance of many of the things we had talked about with people individually.  Our translator was pulled out for phone conversations regarding our luggage so we resorted to charades and it was quite amusing watching 9 adults playing with therapy equipment in attempts to communicate treatment techniques.  All left with valuable information.

The afternoon was a speed session to visit each room quickly for final goodbyes and wrap ups. We began by returning to a child that we saw on monday and has been seen on each previous trip. A year and a half ago she was inconsolable in her crib, in a room by herself, with the caregivers reporting that she broke 10-12 cribs per year from shaking them.  This time she smiled when we walked in and is in a room with other children.  Caregivers report she still has challenging days but she is so different due to the advice given on previous trips.  Their current concerns are her inability to eat from anything other than a bottle.  Mondays session with her was a bit overwhelming to all involved so we knew we had to revisit the situation again.  Kelly and Sophie were able to discuss and demonstrate techniques that will help her to move toward tolerating feedings with a spoon.  All were encouraged and surprised by the tolerance she had during the demonstration sessions, allowing the spoon to come to her mouth without distress.

We are so sad to leave today but are so pleased at the relationships that were built and the progress the children have made.  We are already making plans for the next trip.

TEAMWorks Ukraine - Tuesday July 9th

TEAMWorks Ukraine - Tuesday July 9th

Day 2 at the orphanage was another luggage-less day. Unfortunately, we have yet to receive our luggage although did get confirmation that it arrived in Kiev. We would love to have our equipment but feel like God has given us this opportunity to guide us to communicate more with the caregivers and therapists and teach how to help these children even with limited resources.

TEAMWorks Ukraine - Monday, July 8th

(the group does not have access to wifi, so stay tuned for updates with pictures!)

Unfortanately, we still do not have our luggage, but that didn't stop us!  We started the day collaborating with orphanage therapists and medical staff regarding children who come to the orphanage for therapy.  They were very receptive and were already doing so many great things!  After lunch we requested to see other rooms in the orphanage and were quickly obliged.  We were able to visit with a little girl we have seen the past two trips- this time for feeding concerns.  It was a tough conversation and prayers would be appreciated for further communication on this matter!  We then visited "laying down rooms" as well as the room previously nick-named "the rockin' room" due to all the children seeking movement in this room.  We were able to spend quality time with the kiddos, answer questions, and start formulating a plan for tomorrow (with or with out luggage).  Overall, it was a good rapport building day!