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Guatemala Day 7- October 6, 2016

  • Oct 7, 2016

Today, we returned to Hermano Pedro. We started in early assessing and fitting kids for hand splints and AFOs. They just kept coming! Abby, with a bit of assistance from Leo, adjusted several wheelchairs and even manufactured some straps to keep Manny's feet on his foot plates. Paige was able to get in on the action by working on "mas" with a smart, yet stubborn, little boy named Roberto to request more toys. While using placement cues to make the "mmm", Roberto independently shaped her cues to blowing a kiss. He was VERY consistent with his usage of this sign throughout the day! We aren't sure how functional it will be, but he can now use it to melt the heart of ladies everywhere...

We have visited this orphanage several times before and are becoming more welcomed by the therapy staff. It was nice to work along side them as equals to help better the quality of life of the children they serve. Although we are at the end of our journey for this trip, we are always looking toward the future. Our prayer is, in the future, we get to work with the nannies, those closest to the care for the kids. We are unsure what this looks like, but are awaiting God's plan for us in this place.

Today, Friday, October 7th we are headed home, but not before seeing our old friend Jonathon. We are hoping to provide him braces for better foot alignment and potentially some vision exercises. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support throughout our time in Guatemala!