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  • Oct 28, 2016

We started Day 3 in China with our breakfast soup and seeing kids at Dr. Lin’s clinic.  We knew we had a busy day ahead of us but jet lag started to set in by mid-morning.  But, this was nothing that a run to the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken for coffee couldn’t cure.  Yes, that is KFC for coffee! It is as popular as Starbucks in China and did the trick to revive Amy.  Lori and Amy both spent the morning assisting with evaluations and treatment.  Lori also got the chance to educate on Torticollis assessment and treatment.

We were really excited during the morning when Dr. Lin suggested that they could contact a couple of the families that we saw yesterday at the apartment complex to come to into his clinic for a follow up visit and additional services.  We thought this was such a kind gesture to provide additional services, but knew the logistics of getting these families to see us were going to be difficult.  First, we had no idea how to contact these families or even what the names of the two sweet kids were.   In addition to these hurdles, the apartment complex was over an hour away and we knew having the resources to make that trip would be difficult.  But, within 2 hours the staff from Dr Lin’s clinic had managed to reach both families and the invitation to come see us was extended and accepted.  Dr Lin’s clinic arranged and took care of the transportation for them, and they arrived to the clinic by 3:00pm.  This was a huge answered prayer!

So, Lori got to spend the afternoon going over the treatment activities in more detail and demonstrating therapy while the translator took detailed notes to send home with the families as a reference.  The little boy scissored when he walked and Lori was able to provide straps and show mother how to facilitate much improved walking!  This was the highlight of the afternoon.  Amy got to spend a few minutes with each family as the day was wrapping up observing a quick snack time and making suggestions for improved oral motor and communication development.  Both of the mothers were very appreciative and one of them was very hands on and quick to try the suggestions that Lori made.

We appreciate the prayers as we wrap up our time here and start our journey home.  Our prayers are that each person we have been in contact with this week would be pointed to Him.
“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace…” 1 Peter 4:10

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