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TEAMWorks Guatemala May 26, 27, & 28, 2017

  • May 31, 2017

Hello, sweet friends!  Here we are entering day 3 of our trip, and we haven't posted a single blog post... What?!  Yes.  After spending the day Friday travelling from Fayetteville to Guatemala City, we finally were able to get some rest around 1:30am.  However, those alarm clocks had us up early Saturday morning to prepare for the long drive ahead.  It took us about 8 hours to get to the remote village of Ruel Choc where we were greeted with tons of smiling faces. 

Our team worked hard until about 9:00 that night.  Katie was able to provide a sling and some instruction to an elderly woman who had broken her arm 14 years prior.  She had not sought out medical care, and the sling was able to provide her some comfort and more appropriate positioning. Paige encountered many children with hearing loss, lack of speech and some oral motor concerns. Abby provided a sweet gentleman with a leg deformity with a new set of crutches and a knee brace. We were able to provide a wheelchair for a boy that had previously been bed ridden.   We were able to provide care and instruction to 18 people, and after a long day, we felt very blessed to get to rest our tired legs once again at the beautiful Finca Chapultepec.  ​

On Sunday morning we woke to the beautiful coffee farm ready to go!  We spent half the day at Campur holding a community clinic for some residents.  Paige was able to help a set of deaf siblings make gains towards verbal communication and provided great instruction to a very determined momma.  Abby instructed them on exercise and blood flow for sister who also had a heart defect, and brother was fitted for an ankle brace and advised on knee pain.  Katie, Paige and Abby were all three able to come together to care for a sweet (but very rambunctious) little guy with speech and physical health concerns.  ​

We are up at at it this morning to head to Chimaltenango where we will revisit a boy involved in a bike wreck and drop by Mama Carmen's Farm!  This has been a great group so far, and we are blessed to be on this mission together.  

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