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this mother’s day: help mom be a part of something BIG, really big!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! This Mother’s Day TEAMworks is giving you an opportunity to let your mother be a part of our next trip to China to help children with disabilities. In June, TEAMworks will be making our second trip to China to help change the lives of children. This trip will focus on training a therapy staff in China. We are very excited about this opportunity! Therapy is a relatively new occupation in China and the staff there is hungry for knowledge and training! Many stories have been shared about people traveling from all areas of western China to find help for their children who have special needs. Sometimes if help is not found, the children are abandoned. We want to stop this cycle and provide education and equipment to improve the lives of children living with special needs in China.  We want to help the therapists there know that these children can lead fulfilling lives. We want to teach them how to teach the families! This is an amazing opportunity!

So how can your mom help be a part of this? This Mother’s Day, make a donation in your mom’s name and we’ll provide a Card that you can present her with on her special day!

There are several ways to participate:
#1) Stop by the Fayetteville or Bentonville Clinic, make your donation and pick up your cards…..

#2) E-mail me at with your name and address you want the card(s) sent to. Let me know if this is your address or your mother’s. If it is your mother’s we will fill it out with a personal message and mail it to her the week of Mother’s Day. You can then pay via paypal on our TEAMworks site or by personal check. (We are asking for a $20.00 minimum donation).

The outside and inside of the card are pictured below.

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